Living On a Mild Budget

On the short list of inspirational Madonna antics, I think we have all learned that, we are material girls, and we are living in a material world. Between bills, beauty essentials, dinners, and sunglasses there never seems to be enough money for the little things. Luckily if there’s one thing a {mild} girl knows how to do, it’s ball on a budget.

Whether you want to call them life hacks, or mild tips, we are here to help cut corners in your spending nightmare. Starting with beauty basics. We all know feminine beauty and hygiene products are asininely priced and taxed. (Men are the worst blah blah blah) If you make some small adjustments, you can save pennies in no time. Start by switching from makeup remover wipes or cleanser to a good old fashioned baby wipe. The price is lower, the pack lasts longer, and how often does Neutrogena put cute zoo animals on their packaging? Speaking of brand name dropping, for any tweezer, beauty blender, and after shower hair product needs, Marshalls has all our favorite brands on the low low. I mean really low. If you’re not married to a brand and just want a basic product, Marshalls* rarely disappoints.

Groceries are the next biggest belt to start tightening. Sometimes convenience isn’t always key. If you have staple items you get every time you go to the store, I highly suggest cross reference shopping. Some products are just cheaper other places, after a few rounds of price match shopping you will get the hang of it. Target, Amazon, and your local lowbrow grocery store, will usually cover the bases. This trick also works wonders anytime you walk into a Barnes & Noble and suddenly have the urge to buy a $60 aestically pleasing coffee table book.  

The Mild Bunch

*If you live in a town without a Marshalls, or a really shitty like doesn’t even have beauty products Marshalls, then I apologize for flaunting my swaggy regional hookup.

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