Battlestar Galactica

Blunts, Booze & Battlestar Galactica

What’s better than alliteration you ask? To start; blunts. For those of you who are joint, or pipe inclined, please know this is a safe space and {mild} girls accept all. On one hand, if its puffs, it puffs. On another hand, aren’t blunts really the superior facet? Yes it is not the healthiest way to enjoy a THC or CBD product, but it’s the mild preference. Not only is the roll more structurally sound, but it burns longer and is easier to share. And remember, sharing is caring. (Unless it’s an STI or a vodka water, because no one deserves that.)

Maybe blunts aren’t your thing. Heck, maybe cannabis isn’t your thing at all and you prefer a more traditional vice. Don’t despair, booze is there. The poison of our ancestors is doing better than ever. Celebrities are making high shelf product, Uber solved the DD situation, and mini umbrellas are now more biodegradable than ever. But isn’t it all a little overwhelming? For our mild sakes, don’t get roped in to an IPA or a alcoholic kombucha, settle for a sugary vodka cran, or half a box of the vineyards finest. Or if you’re feeling boojee, go for gold, and make it Casamigos. The point is, if your taking the edge off, do it your way and drink what you want because, take it from us, it wears off rather quickly.

This is the portion of the page where you think I’m going to unlock a super nerd under the cool, mild, exterior. In a word, wrong. To those who are disappointed in the lack of real Battlestar Galactica trivia, I hope you find solace in knowing that you have more knowledge than I in one specific topic. Before I suppress the nerd urges too far down, I would however like to dedicate some mild gushing to one of the best comedies ever written and executed, ‘The Office’.  ‘Dwight’, you ignorant slut, had you not been so obsessed with bears, beets, and battlestar galactica, the title of this piece would have been entirely less catchy, and for that, we thank you.

The Mild Bunch

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